BEC Salon is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our clients and employees during these challenging and changing times.

As we prepare for the eventual Provincial approval to re-open the Salon, we will be carefully following all Government of Ontario guidelines by taking all the necessary precautions to provide a safe, sanitized, and comfortable environment for everyone at BEC Salon.

Each member of the BEC Salon staff have been certified in the new Health and Safety Programs for the Personal Service Industry. This includes the Barbacide Disinfectant Certifications and the Milady Health and Safety for COVID 19 Certification.

We are very excited to see everyone very soon! We know everyone will be wanting to book their appointments as soon as possible. To ensure we initiate this process in a fair and equitable manner, we will start with our clients who missed previously booked appointments from March 17th onwards.

Our goal is to maintain the same exceptional service you have come to expect while at BEC Salon. However, to ensure we adapt to the new safety guidelines, we are making some changes to ensure social distancing, adjustments to the Salons physical space and enhancements to our  sanitization procedures.

Your BEC Salon Experience:

Here is what you need to know about your new experience in BEC Salon;

  • All clients must be scheduled by appointment only.

  • To reduce unnecessary wait times, please ensure you show up on time for your scheduled appointment.

  • As designated waiting areas are no longer available, you will be asked to wait outside until we are ready to serve you.

  • Attend appointments alone!  Additional family members and friends will be asked to stay outside the salon.

  • Each client will be asked to complete a short COVID 19 Waiver Form. This form outlines the terms and conditions of your appointment by the Salon. The form is also designed to ensure any possible risks or symptoms of Covid 19 are identified to minimize its spread.  

  • All clients will be required to wear a mask to their appointment and for the duration of their stay at the Salon. If you do not have a mask you can purchase one at the Salon.

  • We are not able to provide magazines or other reading material, so, if you wish, please bring your cellular device or reading material with you to your appointment.

  • If you are unexpectedly feeling sick or unwell, please cancel your appointment immediately! There will be no penalties at any time for cancelling or rescheduling your appointments due to illness.

Procedure when attending an scheduled appointment;

  • Upon arrival at the Salon, please call and let us know you have arrived,

  • Your service provider will meet you outside the Salon at your appointment time. You will be asked a few questions including if you have travelled, how you are feeling, if you have had any exposure to a person that has or you believe may have Covid 19,

  • You will be asked to wash and sanitize your hands upon arrival

  • You will be provided a new clean robe to put on for the duration of your appointment

  • We ask that you please leave bags, purses, and personal belongings at home or in your car. Please arrive in clean clothing, with only your device and form of payment.

We have mandated that all BEC Salon employees will:

  • Wear a mask at all times

  • Wash their hands before and during every appointment

  • Clean and disinfect all tools before every appointment

  • Clean and disinfect their chair and station thoroughly before each appointment

  • Sanitize their hands throughout the service if they change tools or step away from their station at any time

  • Use disposable single use towels and capes only

  • Stay at home if they are sick or not feeling well.

Although these changes are essential, we recognize that they may make your experience at BEC Salon different and a little challenging. We understand but, remain committed to providing a relaxing, high quality service despite all these temporary changes.

We are deeply grateful and truly appreciate all your support and understanding during these changing times. We look forward to seeing everyone again and thank you in advance for your consideration, generosity, and kindness.

Bailey Carter

BEC Salon